MEMS have long been in used automotive systems for engine control and safety systems, such as airbags. However, driven by the volume demand, the price for MEMS has declined in recent years and they are being used in cell phones, laptops, and consumer electronics equipment, such as video game consoles and in industrial equipments.

Cell phones use accelerometers to automatically rotate the display and use MEMS also as microphones. Microphones chips are replacing the old technology and MEMS chips are being used in cameras to detect movements and compensate for shaking hands. Additionally, they are used in laptops and can detect if a laptop is falling.

Pressure sensors are being used in some white goods to measure water depth.
In washing machines, pressure sensors can be used as a way to measure water depth. It allows the equipment to very closely monitor how much water is used and how much needs to be kept.
MEMS can support the Green movement: they can help save water, monitor air quality, monitor water quality, …

MEMSCAP has developed multiple technologies addressing these applications in multiple domains like acoustics, pressure sensing, inertial sensors, …. For specifications of our available products, or to find out how these specifications can support your needs, please contact us using the web form.

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