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Our products are over performing the rigorous requirements of the most demanding applications like aerospace and defense. The MEMSCAP transducers do sustain the high environmental stresses of harsh environments (temperature, shock, vibration, …) and provide with excellent precision, long term stability and reliability.
The core sensing elements of our transducers are the MEMSCAP SP82 sensors family which provide with the appropriate repeatability, hysteresis and reliability baseline required to achieve the highest transducers performance.
MEMSCAP has developed beyond state-of-the-art calibration procedures and algorithms to provide its customers with unmatched performance.

Aerospace customers typically value speed and quality in prototyping and development of products. MEMSCAP’s in-depth aerospace engineering experience allows us to work with customers in the design and development of products that best meet the specified requirements of their individual applications. Specific electrical and mechanical interfaces, manifolds and specific calibration data are just a few of the parameters often required to be adapted in these applications.  

Thanks to our strong engineering team and technical support, our reactivity and ability to customize transducers do contribute to our customers’ success and to our own success in this field of applications.

Our customers also benefit from MEMSCAP’s vertically integrated, AS9100-approved manufacturing location. MEMSCAP does commit on on-time deliveries even on very demanding schedules, obsolescence management and continuity of supply over long periods of years.

MEMSCAP products range for this industry include single and dual port pressure transducers, fully compensated and calibrated, with or without embedded software (DO178 Level B qualified) and many more.

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